About For Fathers Fitness


Our company provides services and products such as accountability coaching, scientifically-proven fitness strategies, and nutritional guidance to help men over 40 achieve lasting wellness.


Our mission is to help men over 40 who have lived life regain their strength or form, or those who haven’t reached the peak of their health yet and want to find out how.

The Adventure

Hi! My name is Alim Shabazz and I founded For Fathers Fitness. Our company specializes in helping men over 40 achieve optimal performance and wellness through strategic fitness strategies, services, and products that are scientifically-proven. I wish you all the best. "As my veteran friend always says, you've survived and overcome--and have nothing to prove and no one to convince." "The people who matter know already, and the people who don't never will." I have a record-breaking career as a fitness competitor and professional athlete, as well as 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and fitness industry. This experience has led me to create a fitness company that is unique from any other Fitness Company.

Founders' Story

The Program

As a man over 40, you have specific physical, nutritional, and emotional requirements. One need a program that is not for the timid, one that is developed by people who understand which strategies will achieve results. This is for men who drive to thrive, not just survive. For men who want to regain their strength, endurance, virility, and form. This is for people who want to find out how to reach their full potential. When men want to reclaim the life they deserve, we stand ready. We're not here to prove anything to them. We're here to teach them how it's done. Click here to read more about For Fathers Fitness Coaching and Accountability.

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The Supplements

There are many factors that contribute to the making of supplements. Many companies import their products or use a middle man to get them to you instead of manufacturing them themselves. That business model is designed to be stress-free. If extra fees are passed on to you, that also means import costs. We manufacture our products in the USA to avoid a middle man and markup. This reduces or eliminates import costs and extra fees. You can learn more about For Fathers Supplements by reading about them here. It also helps us to allocate more funds towards things that are important - such as procuring the best ingredients, guaranteeing the quality of our products, and continuing product research and development.

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The Stories

Too many men give up after a certain age. If they don't have the quarterback body or can't bench press as much as they did in their "glory days," then they think it simply isn't worth the effort. They are wrong. When we reach the age of 40, it is important that we are honest with ourselves about the physical changes that our bodies undergo. Reaching the peak of health and fitness is always possible. It is not only possible, but also necessary. The task is completed. Stories about For Fathers can be read here.

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The Experts

Fitness companies are driven by science - that's why we have a scientific advisory board with over 57 years of experience in the medical, pharmaceutical and fitness industries. We can give you up-to-date nutrition advice based on your personal nutritional needs, physical state, diet, and fitness goals. The team behind For Fathers Fitness would like to meet you.

Meet the Experts

Our Foundations

We know it can be tough to make decisions about your health. The sheer volume of choices can alone lead to confusion, hyped competition, and of course, distrust. Let us help you out. For Fathers Fitness is one of the only 7% of supplement companies that fit five trust designations:
1. All our supplements are manufactured in the United States.
2. Purity and potency are third-party lab tested.
3. The supplements are made in an FDA-registered facility.
4. The foundations of our company are that all our products comply with good manufacturing practices for consistent quality.
5. NSF Certification verifies that manufacturers, meet all standards of public health standards and procedures. This also signifies that all products manufactured in the facility undergo extensive product and material testing, and every aspect of the development of each supplement has been evaluated and deemed to be of the highest quality. Over 99% of the products on the market do not claim to have the “Michelin Stars” of certifications, the NSF Certification. NSF Certified products are a rarity on Amazon and set the For Fathers Fitness brand above 99% of the supplement brands out there.

All For Fathers Fitness supplements are backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. No BS.

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Giving Back and Paying it Forward

We're grateful for what we have and enjoy giving back. Paying it forward is the most powerful force for good. Therefore, we're donating a portion of all sales to American Veterans Hawaii (AMVETS). AMVETS has a mission to provide advocacy, support, and assistance for all who served honorably in the United States Armed Forces: past, present, and future Veterans and their families. The AMVETS National Headquarters, located in Lanham, Maryland, is a 501(c)19 organization that oversees the AMVETS Department and Posts.