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Are You Ready for the Better YOU!

Hi, I am Coach Alim , I want to welcome you to the Better YOU. I can’t tell you how
happy I am you have decided to join this program and spend the next several weeks
with me. I know there are a lot of options out there, and that you chose to commit to this
program means so much to me.
You may have tried a number of programs or plans in the past. Better YOU is very
different and is designed specifically for busy men and women. Better YOU is different
because I am not expecting you to be perfect.
Consistently good is much better than being occasionally perfect. Think about that. How
long can you really expect to be perfect with all that we deal with in life? So, our goal
here is to make good choices, not perfect choices, when it comes to food, activity and
your wellness. But, consistency is the key. When we are consistently good, 80-85% of
the time, we are going to make great progress – and stick with it.
Better YOU is also different because we use objective data so that both you and I know
exactly where you’re at. There is no guessing. With a heart rate monitor, taking pictures
of what you eat and the tools to measure your progress like weighing in and taking body
measurements, we will both have real data to paint the picture of how things are going.
That data is not a judgment of you, it’s just information for both of us to make good
decisions from.
The most important aspect of Better YOU is your coaches. We will be taking this
journey with you, messaging you about how you are doing, providing information and
answering your questions. You can even schedule live appointments with me so we can
discuss 1 to 1 the items that will benefit you the most.

Now. I am going to brutally honest with you. Better YOU will only be as good as your
level of commitment.
So, I am asking for your commitment to become familiar with your Better YOU personal
I’m asking for your commitment to use the app to track your progress and build the
behaviors that will last far beyond this program.
But, most of all I’m asking for your commitment to be consistently good.
If you make these commitments, my commitment to you:
You will finally lose the weight and keep it off
You will love what’s in the mirror
You will have tons of energy, all day
You will be lean, fit and strong
You will restore your confidence, and
Be an inspiration to your family and friends.

So, let’s make this commitment together and be your Better YOU.

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