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Confused And Stuck!! Here's What to Do When You've Tried Everything to Get Fit and Strong and Nothing Has Worked

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Struggling to tip the scales in the right direction?

🤔 Getting back in shape and staying accountable can feel next to impossible…

No matter how many plans & programs you try - nothing seems to work, right?

No father wants to suffer from low confidence levels and struggle to live up to the role model they want to be for his kids! But what if we told you there’s a solution.

Our online coaching program enables you to regain control of your weight. Together we can put an end to…

❌ All the confusion when it comes to eating right

❌ Spending countless hours in the gym with no real results

❌ Guzzling down shakes that taste like cardboard

How For Fathers Fitness Coaching Will Help You!

I am an expert trainer and nutrition coach, I am also a certified behavior change specialist  and this is my area of expertise.  I  help people who have tried and failed  many times in the past - to actually lose fat quickly and keep it off for life.  Because I get to the root of the actual problem.

      Does that make sense ?

 I do that through a personalized 12 week online coaching program, where I work with you very closely every step 1on1.  This program is nothing like anything you have ever tried before.

Because we take people through our proven 3 phase system for lasting results.


1- First we are going to nail down the the root cause of  2- 3 key habits that have held you back from success in the past and use powerful yet simple behavior change techniques to stop the problem at its source, which will flip a switch in your brain so you never struggle with (X habit they struggle with) again.


2- Next I am going to build you a delicious non restrictive nutrition plan that is specific to your body type , so you get the right foods for your body in order to re balance hormones, release stubborn fat and tone your muscles, Because we are working with your genetics instead of against them. Plus I am going to work with you every step of the way to make sure this plan works for your lifestyle.


3- Then I am going to build you a personalized workout plan that is built specifically for your body type, your level, lifestyle, schedule and goals so that its easy to follow, sustainable and progresses you safely and quickly, so you see results week in and week out.


I nail this each and every time for our clients and I will nail this for you so that you can get and keep the results you want for life.

Then I work with you each day to make sure you are hitting your goals.


If you ever need help or have a question you will have daily contact with me and weekly calls. For example, if you have events, holidays, want to have your favorite treat or want to make one of your favourite recipes fit your meal plan I am there to help you do this, so that life isn’t boring or restrictive and you keep getting results.


 So you can’t fail. And this will be the last program you ever need.

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