About For Fathers Fitness


To help men over 40 achieve lasting wellness through accountability coaching and scientifically-proven fitness strategies, nutritional guidance, services, and products. 


We are on a mission to help 22,000 men who have lived life regain their strength or form—or those who haven’t reached the peak of their health yet and want to find out how. 

The Adventure

Hi! I’m Alim Shabazz, I founded For Fathers Fitness. To help men over 40 achieve optimal performance and wellness through strategic and scientifically-proven fitness strategies, services, and products.

I know that you’ve seen and done things you never thought you could. For your family. For your friends. You’ve survived and overcome–and have nothing to prove and no one to convince.

To quote a veteran friend of mine. “Those who matter already know, and those who don’t never will.”  Now, do this for yourself. 

Read more about my story and how I turned my 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and fitness industry and my record-breaking career as a fitness competitor and professional athlete into a fitness company set apart from the rest.

Founders' Story

The Program

As a man over 40, you have specific physical, nutritional, and, yes, even emotional requirements. Therefore, you need a program developed by people who understand which strategies will achieve results for you.

Our program is not for the timid. It’s for men who have lived. Men of resilience and accountability— who want to regain their strength, endurance, virility, and form.


It is for those who have yet to experience the peak of their potential and want to discover how. 

It is for men over 40 who want to reclaim the life they deserve.

We’re not here to show them that we still can.

We’re here to show them how it’s done.


Read more about For Fathers Fitness Coaching and Accountability here. 

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The Supplements

Various factors go into the creation of supplements. That’s why many companies would instead import their products or use a middle man just to get them to you.

Don’t get us wrong. That’s a stress-free business model. However, it also means import costs and extra fees passed on to you.   

That’s why we have chosen to manufacture our products right here in the U.S.A. No middle man–no markup. 

This frees us from import costs and extra fees. It also helps us put more money on things that do matter一getting the best ingredients, ensuring the quality of our products, and further product research and development.

Read more about For Fathers Supplements here.

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The Stories

Too many men give up after a certain age. They think that if they don’t have that quarterback body or can’t bench press as much as they did in their “glory days,” then it simply isn’t worth the effort.

Look. We have to be honest about the physical changes that our body undergoes when we hit 40. But never think you can’t reach the peak of health and fitness anymore. 

It’s not only possible. It has been done. Read about For Fathers stories here.

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The Experts

Certain building blocks support every aspect of human civilization. For nations, that would be principles and ideologies. For fitness companies, it’s science.

That’s why we have a scientific advisory board with over 57 cumulative years of experience in the medical, pharmaceutical, and fitness industries. As a result, we can give you up-to-date nutrition advice based on your personal nutritional needs, physical state, diet, and fitness goals. 

Get to know the team behind For Fathers Fitness.

Meet the Experts

The Foundations

We completely understand how difficult it is to make decisions when it comes to your health. 

The sheer volume of choices alone can lead to confusion, hyped competition, and of course, distrust.   

Well, allow us to help you out. 

For Fathers is one of the only 7% of supplement companies that fit four trust designations:

1. All our supplements are made in the USA.

2. They are third-party lab tested for purity and potency. 

3. For Fathers supplements are made in an FDA-registered facility.

4. All our products comply with good manufacturing practices for consistent quality.

These are the foundations of our company. Read more about it here.

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Giving Back and Paying it Forward

We’re passionate about giving back as an act of gratitude because we’ve received so much. Paying it forward is the most powerful force for good.

Therefore, we’re Donating a Portion of All Sales to American Veterans Hawaii (AMVETS)

AMVETS has a mission is to provide advocacy, support, and assistance for all who served honorably in the United States Armed Forces: past, present, and future Veterans and their families; to inform, influence, and inspire others to serve in our military and civilian communities; and, to honor and never forget our Nation’s Veterans’ service and sacrifices in defense of our Nation.

AMVETS Hawaii Service Foundation Corp. is a nonprofit 501(c)3, All-volunteer Veterans Service Organization (VSO) established to help raise needed funds to support programs, services, and assistance administered by AMVETS Department of Hawaii and all AMVETS Posts located in Hawaii.  AMVETS Department and Posts are 501(c)19 under the AMVETS National Headquarters located in Lanham, Maryland.