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Keto Or No Keto?

The life of the 21st century human is as stressful as can be. We are always rushing to somewhere, always wanting things to move and happen faster and quicker.


Of Course, this has to reflect on our bodies in some way, and it mainly affects our eating and sleeping habits. Let's talk about eating.


On average, the modern-day person reaches out to fast food, or any other substitute, to cross out the chore of eating quicker. This leads to stomach problems, gaining weight, not to mention blood, liver and heart problems.


So, what do we do? We go on a diet.


What is the keto diet?


As of the 1970s the Ketogenic diet is one of the most famous dietary regimens. The idea behind it is to get more calories from fat and protein, like chicken, eggs and nuts, and less from carbohydrates, like sugar, pasta, rice and white bread.


When you eat less than 30-50 grams of carbs per day your body runs out of fuel that is typically a quick energy source. After 3-4 days your body starts to break down fat and protein for energy and this makes you lose weight.


This is when dietary fats come into play. Depleted glucose reserves lead to the production of ketone bodies which are used as an alternative energy source.


This new fuel is met with a lot of love by the central nervous system, and especially by the brain.


Sounds pretty basic, but this type of restriction can’t be all the way healthy for you, right?


Oh, you need to lose weight!


Let’s be honest, everyone has nested the idea that a diet is a good idea. We’ve all had after holiday resolutions to cut back on this and cut back on that.     


If you’re planning to go through with this, then the Ketogenic diet is probably the best one for you. Especially if you’ve been carrying a bit too much of that extra weight from the holidays for too long.


The regimen is beneficial and very successful for obese and overweight people. The time period in which it works is around 6 months.


It is absolutely crucial to be pointed out that this is a diet for losing weight, and that is it. It can cause difficulties on the stomach and liver If being followed for too long.


This is a rule that is especially crucial for people that don’t have that much of a weight problem but want to get rid of a few pounds. A quick tip for you guys - exercise works better for that.


Except for weight loss, it can be used as a treatment for people with epilepsy, acne, glucose tolerance, certain brain and heart diseases.


Another practical use of the diet is to improve insulin resistance. This is why It is one of the most popular diets prescribed by doctors.


But wait, there’s more


We covered losing weight and the beneficial way that it improves your body, but what we didn’t cover is the long-lasting effect.


As I said, one must not overdo it with the diet for too long. It's not a joke and you only get one stomach. The good thing is that you wouldn’t need it after the 6-month period.


Why, you ask. Well, because it decreases the appetite, thanks to lowering hunger hormones such as ghrelin.


Moreover, it doesn’t interfere with the hormone leptin, which is another important hunger hormone. 


You not only get a weight loss dietary regimen that lets you still eat some of the good stuff, but it is beneficial to your body and organs and helps you not to gain weight in the future. What’s not to love about it?

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