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Training Alone VS With A Gym Buddy

Solo gyming is totally underrated. You get into the zone by yourself and can blast your Spotify playlists as loud as you want.


But what about those times when you really need that push to finish your last rep or set?


Enter: the Gym Buddy!


Working out with someone else not only amps up the fun factor but also motivates you to achieve more.


So, which one is better for your fitness goals: training alone or with a gym buddy?


Read on to find out!


Solo Warrior - The Benefits

If you're like most people, the thought of going to the gym solo can be a bit daunting.


After all, working out is often seen as a social activity, and it can be easy to feel self-conscious when you're the only one in the weight room.


However, there are actually several benefits to working out alone.


Let's have a look at the 3 most important ones!


#1 In The Zone

Being in the zone is the Holy Grail for many athletes. It's when you're so focused and in the moment that everything else disappears, and you feel like you can do anything.


Once you're in the zone, it's hard to get out. But how do you get there?


For many people, the answer is training alone. When you train without distractions, you're more likely to get into a flow state and stay there.


This is because you're not constantly being pulled out of the moment by external stimuli.


And we all know for a fact that training with a gym buddy oftentimes leads to excessive rest and irrelevant talks, ultimately diminishing your focus during a workout.


This is why the solo warrior mode is a perfect choice if you love to swim in the state of flow!


#2 Less Slack

Though it sounds nice to train with someone, having a gym partner can actually lead to more sessions skipped.


It might be reasonable to believe that people are more likely to skip workouts if their gym buddy did.


So why does this happen? Well, perhaps it's because we are more likely to rationalize bad behavior if we see someone else engaging in it.


For example, if your friend says she's too tired to work out, you may be more likely to say the same thing.


So if you're looking for consistency, a gym buddy might throw you off... Unless you find someone who's just as amped up as you are, workout to workout!


#3 Precise Rest Times

Working out is hard enough on its own, but factor in a chatty gym partner, and it can seem impossible to get through a session.


Extensive and excessive talks between sets are perhaps one of the biggest downsides of having a gym buddy.


With this in mind, if you want precise rest times and laser focus, it would probably be best to do it alone!


Gym Buddy - The Benefits

Even though being a solo gym warrior has its benefits, the right gym partner can actually be even more beneficial for your progress.


Let’s have a look at the top 4 benefits of having a gym partner!


#1 The Motivation Factor

Have you ever noticed how people tend to work out harder when they have a gym buddy?


There's something about having someone to spot you or encourage you that makes working out seem less like a chore.


And although it may be tempting to just go it alone, people who workout with a buddy are more likely to stick with their fitness routine in the long run (if the partner is right!)


So if you're looking for a way to stay motivated, consider finding a workout partner.


From spotting each other on lifts to going for runs together, there are endless ways to make exercise more fun with a friend.


#2 A Competitive Edge

There's nothing like a little healthy competition to motivate you in your workout routine.


And what better way to create some friendly competition than by teaming up with a gym buddy?


Working out with a partner can help you push each other to new levels and achieve results that you may not have thought possible on your own.


What's more, it can also be a lot of fun! A little friendly competition to get you moving and motivated can go a long way!


This is why we believe you should consider finding a proper gym partner!


#3 Accountability

You finally took the plunge. You signed up for a gym membership and today is your first day.


You walk in and are immediately overwhelmed with the number of machines, the people, and the sheer size of the place. You have no idea where to start.


Then you see someone you know. They wave you over and introduce you to their workout buddy.


Workout buddy? You didn't even think to get a workout buddy. But as you chat, you realize how helpful having a gym buddy can be.


After all, when someone counts on you to go to the gym, it's way harder not to stay accountable, right?


#4 Learning More

It can be nerve-wracking to walk into a weight room and see all the seasoned gym-goers with their perfect form, knowing that you don't quite measure up yet.


However, having a workout buddy who is more experienced can actually help you learn more effectively.


This is because they can model proper form and technique and give you feedback on your own performance.


This is perhaps the biggest benefit of having the right training partner!


So what is your choice? Solo warrior mode or Gym Buddy mode? Comment below, and let’s discuss!

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