Let me tell you my story.

I started bodybuilding in 2003 after moving to Hawaii with my wife. I was desperate to get back into shape after studies, work, and a good life distracted me from fitness. I didn't feel or look as good as I did when I was playing organized sports in college. I became passionate about fitness and motivated to take back my fitness and health when I saw a flyer in the window of a health food store for The Paradise Cup Bodybuilding Championships while I was on a sales call. Even though the competition was 5 weeks away and I had never done any bodybuilding before, I knew I had to enter. The trainer I had been referred to thought I was crazy, but he gave me expert and ongoing advice, which I followed to the T. I ate what he told me to eat. I did cardio and lifted weights the way he told me to. I went to a tanning salon even though I have a dark complexion, because he told me to. This was the forerunner to online training. I was dedicated. Lo and behold, I won first place in the novice heavyweight division of the Paradise Cup Bodybuilding competition, despite the naysayers and the doubters. Thank heavens my wife was very supportive. He won the Sting Ray Classic and the Kona Classic bodybuilding competitions in Hawaii that year, as well as placed in the top ranks of other competitions in the USA.

We All Have Our Pivot Points.

After years of personal success and coaching family and friends - including strangers in elevators - I decided to start For Fathers fitness for a very specific reason. One day, my wife received a call from her cousin who told us that a friend of ours had just had his foot amputated. It was a shocking and devastating moment for me, and it made me realize that this could have been prevented. As someone who has worked in both the pharmaceutical and fitness industry, I know firsthand that diabetes and other chronic conditions can be managed and controlled through lifestyle and diet changes. That's why I created For Fathers fitness - to help fathers and men in general take control of their health and prevent these kinds of tragedies from happening.

For Fathers Fitness is Born.

Are you ready to take control of your health and fitness as a father? Our For Fathers Fitness program is here to help. With our accountability coaching, nutrition guidance, and targeted supplements, we can help you achieve the physique you desire, no matter your age. As we age, it can be harder to maintain muscle tone and a healthy metabolism, but with our program, you can overcome these challenges. Whether you want to build six-pack abs, lose belly fat, or regain strength after an illness, we have a plan and supplements tailored to your goals. Start your journey towards a healthier and stronger future today with For Fathers Fitness.

Think About Your Goals.

Don't worry if they sound too ambitious. It is usually worth it to have big plans! For Fathers Fitness coaching can help you make these goals a reality. I have experience with setting and achieving big goals. I want to share my tips and experience with you so that you can also achieve great things and enjoy your best health after 40. You have to make health your first priority. If you are healthy, you can work better and achieve more success at your job because you will be strong, relaxed, and focused. If you exercise and eat right, you can devote more time to your family and help your children develop good health habits. Creative endeavors such as art, music, or writing, as well as religious or spiritual activities, will require more of your time and focus when you are feeling better.

Giving Your Kids The Gift of Healthy Habits is The Best Kind of Parenting.

As a parent, I lead by example and demonstrate the behavior that I want my children to adopt. It is important to back up our words with actions in order to earn the trust and respect of our children. I believe that "Generational Health" is the most valuable gift we can give to our loved ones. By living a healthy lifestyle, I inspire others to follow suit.

Just In Case You Think I’m Resting On My Laurels? 

As a coach with over 20 years of experience, I have developed proven and effective methods to help my clients achieve their goals. I have also learned from my own experiences and mistakes, so I can guide my clients to avoid similar pitfalls. In addition to my coaching expertise, I have a wealth of life experience and have even set a Guinness World Record for the heaviest total weight for dumbbell curls in one minute. I am a strong believer in setting a positive example for my children and inspiring others to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which I believe is the best legacy we can leave for our loved ones. When life throws challenges your way, I am here to help you navigate them and reach your goals.

Yes, I’m still at it! 

In 2022 I turned 45 years young. I have maintained my muscle mass and overall fitness for nearly 20 years. You may achieve similar success as me by following the right program, using the right solutions and supplements, and having a fitness coach. I would like for you to join me. Click the link. Give me a call. I'll always be here for you. Do not hesitate or make any more excuses. You must make the time or bad health will take your time. You have nothing to lose except the weight, and everything in the world to gain.